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Sleep is vital

For health, performance & well-being

During the months of January, February and even into March the modern world may steer us towards productivity, activity, sociability, abstinence, and even detoxification. I say whoa...hold on one minute! it is still winter, do not rush. Look inwards and maintain your investment towards self-care, self-nourishment, nature connection and rest. Now is the time to restore, repair, replenish build up a momentum that will facilitate the strength and vitality to journey forth in the spring. So at this time of the year I dance to the sound of my own drum.

To activate these dreams to unfurl their magic, to create, to share and to inspire. From an herbalist perspective we honour the different rhythm of each season, and we look towards nature for our cues regarding health and vitality.

“In winter when I look outside, I see consciousness, I see stillness, I feel resilience, beauty and a rhythmical yearning to rest”.

There is a wealth of herbal support that along with the guidance, art and science of the Medical Herbalist can lay the foundations for a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. Assisting a movement that perpetuates gently forward both now, and into the spring where a new rhythm exists.

Flow creates energy, and good habits create the palate and desire for greater health and vitality. Health and wellness can be learnt, with care, support, and compassion. Within my well-stocked dispensary, I create bespoke herbal prescriptions to be incorporated into the ‘busy lifestyle’ offering a calming, steadying, grounding effect. Overtime, our bodies, mind, heart, and spirit work with the complexity of herbal constituents and the ‘life force’ of each individual plant inevitably encounters each cell within your body.

With herbal medicine to support me during the winter months I feel fortified, tuned in and nourished. One of the stars in my personal herbal prescription at present is Codonopsis pilosula, Dang shen (Chinese). An adaptogen, tonic, blood building herb. I turn to this herb and slowly I find her support building my stamina and increasing my ability to endure stress and maintain alert. I take her twice a day in a personalized formula and within 2-3 weeks I am feel much better. I'm on to a steady build towards the spring. In stillness I can welcome inspiration in.

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