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Building a health community - Charity (love and kindness) begins at home....

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

When I study trees and plants it always strikes me how adaptable they are. I try to watch, study and learn from their unspoken and yet clearly established truths.

We are mortal and yet eternal. We can support ourselves and strengthen our connections to each other in thought as well as deed. If we look after ourselves and care for the bodies biological, psychological and spiritual requirements then surely we will be better equipped to support other members of our tribe/family/community? We can try to marry our inner world with our outer expression within the world. Can we really support and care for others without nourishing and looking after ourselves first?

I dream of....

Building a herbal community that is based on mutual support. Revealing an understanding and recognition of 'symbiosis'. I remember how alone I felt during my own experiences of 'dis-ease' I treasure the friendships, smiles and sweet memories of my health teachers that have walked the path with me and listened to my story.

Teaching me with laughter, stories and great warrior-like spirit. Imbuing my brain with both ancient & modern/scientific herbal knowledge. Reminding me to stay responsible and committed, to remain vigilant. Making me feel sometimes uncomfortable with my own complacency or lack of self-love and jettison of self-management.

As a baby Herbalist I am learning that the strength of the individual is key to the health of the community, together with the natural world that we all inhabit. Plants, people and planet.

I also need to remember to be kind to myself. To hear when the body speaks, when it needs to rest, to laugh, to cry or to exercise. To be conscious in our word, in thought and in deed as a human being. To walk lightly on this beautiful earth, to listen to the stories of plants. Find our understanding and offer our care, reverence, respect and responsibility to our planet. To offer support, companionship & nourishment for our people.

"Look ye also, whilst life lasts" - BB

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