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  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Appointments can be rescheduled at least 48 hrs in advance of your scheduled appointment. Please contact Jemma directly to confirm your changes, and to rearrange or cancel your appointment. After 48 hours, the full fee will be retained. Provision will be made for non-recurring extenuating circumstances, All refunds are at Jemma's discretion.
  • What can Herbal Medicine potentially treat?
    The focus of treatment is primarily holistic. Treating the person and not just a list of symptoms. However, to explain the types of conditions commonly seen by the Medical Herbalist, we have compiled the following list: Skin problems, hormonal health, thyroid issues, sleep problems, energy and physical stamina, allergies, asthma, eczema, immune dysfunction, bones and joint problems, fertility - male/female, pregnancy, digestion IBD, PTSD, addictions and emotional health, menopause, cardiovascular health. Plus many more areas that require supportive and preventative medicine.
  • Can herbs and convential medicine be taken together?
    Herbal medicine can be taken alongside prescription medication in a safe and conscientious prescription. As a registered member of the The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, first established in 1864 I hold a Diploma in Phytotherapy which is the equivalent of a BSc degree. I have been trained in the same diagnostic skills as a GP and I take an holistic approach to my work, addressing root cause rather than treating symptoms. I practice according to the NIMH Code of Ethics and Practice. Herbal medicine is potent medicine and can interact with prescribed medication. At Tribe Herbs we will ensure that any herbs prescribed to you will not interact negatively with your conventional medical prescription. In many instances herbs can be used to support, potentiate conventional medicines. With the patients consent, I will liase with their primary health provider and provide relevant information about the herbal protocol upon request. Patients are advised to discontinue all herbal prescriptions 3 weeks before any surgical procedure.
  • What does a herbal tea and tincture taste like?
    Taste is an individual experience. For some people the change in tastes and the arrival of new flavours can be quite challenging. From the intensely bitter flavours, to sour or sweet surprises, it may feel difficult initially to come to terms with regularly taking your prescription. However, taste is sometimes an important part of your health regime and should not be masked with anything other than a little bit of water. Bitter tastes are crucial in stimulating digestive enzymes. Sweet & salty tastes are nutritive, sour flavours can also be stimulating and pungent herbs tend to increase bodily functions. Over time, as you work with your prescription, you will access greater nutrition, you will increase your micobiome diversity and your tastebuds will be better equipped to cope with the taste of your Herbal Medicine....I promise!
  • Are there additional costs involved in my consultation?
    Essentially Yes. Prescriptions cost £12.50 -£20 per 100ml of tincture. (this lasts about a week depending upon your prescribed dosage. You will be prescribed 4-6 weeks of tincture at a time/as required). Herbal tea blends are usually £12.50 per 100g bag. (increased weight will adjust the price accordingly, also lasting approximately 1 week). You may be prescribed 4-6 weeks of tea at a time/as required. N.b you may be prescribed both a tincture and a tea. Prescription handmade creams are £20/30g or £35/60g also available. Supplements may also be recommended via email within your management plan. P&P is £5.00 (1st class under 1kg within UK); £6.50 (1st class over 1kg up to 2kg) International postage to EU - £20 Paying for healthcare is not affordable for everyone within the community. Towards this end, if you are personally experiencing financial hardship contact Tribe Herbs via email and we will work out a plan to meet your individual needs.
  • Do you have a privacy policy?
    Jemma at Tribe Herbs respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. For The Tribe Herbs Privacy Policy Statement click here
  • How much do you charge for postage and packaging?
    Within the UK - p&p is £6.50 (1st class under 1kg); £9.50 (1st class over 1kg up to 2kg) Postage to the EU - £20 (1st class under 1kg) All countries outside of the UK will be assessed on an individual basis.
  • I can not afford to eat organic, what should I do?"
    I recommend supporting PANUK The Pesticide Action Network or visiting their website to discover what foods are most important to be eaten organically. 'The Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen' Poster on a kitchen cupboard is a good place to start. Many years ago I began with buying tomatoes and potatoes organically. Just start somewhere and make your commitment. For your local food shop in East Sussex contact Harvest Supplies in Hartfield This will be an enjoyable, educational shopping experience with local vegetables and ancient seed crops, a rainbow of colour and a feast of diversity to your gut microbiome. Enjoy supporting your local Farmers markets and Biodynamic Farms. Try growing your own fruit, veg, herbs, mushrooms and harvest the weeds in your garden (with accurate Plant ID). Start slow and build upwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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