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Electuary - 'to lick away'

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Digestive Electuary

An electuary is a medicine that is made from powdered herbs mixed with honey to make it more palatable. The name was taken from the Ancient Greek word ‘ekleikton’ meaning ‘medicine that is licked away’.

It is so easy and fun to make. Freshly ground herbs make substantially superior medicine. Herbalists from the tradition of Western Herbal Medicine call it the electuary, ayurvedic medicine use 30-38 different herbs and it is called Charwanpraresh bought in jars in health food shops.


15g powdered cardamom seed

15g powdered fennel seed

15g Coriander seed

15g ground Linseed

15g milk thistle seed

15g pine nuts ground

15g marshmallow root

15g elecampane root

1Tbsp Cinnamon powder

2Tbsp Tamarind paste

1Tbsp optional molasses (iron)

2 Tbsp elecampane tincture (do not include tinctures if pregnant, trying to conceive, lactating or if you take conventional medication. Always seek professional advice.

2-4Tbsp Honey (you may need to add more of the tamarind or honey to create a peanut butter-like consistency).


Mix all the ingredients together and taste. The mixture can be rolled into balls or pushed into a sterilized glass jar releasing any air bubbles. Eaten from the spoon or added boiling water it can make a soothing delicious medicinal drink (1-2 tsp per cup). Beneficial for supporting the upper respiratory tract, soothing irritating coughs.

You may want to use less or more powdered herb appropriate to your requirements. Powdered herbs and herbal tinctures can be suitably swapped into the recipe e.g Licorice root, dandelion root.


This recipe was adapted from The Medical Formulary of Aqrabadhin Al-Kindi (c.800-870 CE) Arabian physician and philosopher. First taught to me by the Anita Ralph Medical Herbalist & Heartwood Tutor.

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